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“Someone with whom you perform a dance”. For The Future Alliance that is the meaning of a partner. Moving forward together, sharing the same inside-out perspective, getting a boost of energy from each other’s ideas, experiences and values. Learn from each other. That is what we hope to achieve in our partnerships.

These partnerships are The Future Alliance’s way of responding to social themes. Think of burn/bore-out prevention and guidance, career coaching, the stress young adults and the organisations of the future experience when making decisions.

My Future Works logo

My Future Works

My Future works is a trendsetter in the Flemish career coaching landscape. With a network of over 30 coaches scattered across the Flanders (and Brussels), they are one of the leading career coaching centres in the country.

What are the things you do best? What really raises your energy level? What would your life and work look like if that was your main focus?

My Future Works looks for what works, instead of focusing on difficulties and problems. Based on personal exercises and coaching conversations, coaches and clients craft a job that matches their dreams, talents, ambitions and energy. Together they create a personal development plan, which allows the client to take specific steps and really get started.

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The Future Generation

Making decisions: something that’s often not easy for many adults. Young people also have to make decisions. Nowadays they have to do so earlier and more frequently. And those choices often determine their future.

But are these choices made consciously? Are they not pushed in a certain direction by parents, family or friends?

The Future Generation helps young people make well-considered choices. Through schools, they offer coaching for young people, so that they  really find their talent and passion to get most out of it later.

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The Future Organisation logo

The Future Organisation

Today’s world is fascinating. But It’s also complex and volatile. Globalisation, digitalisation, technology that never stops,… .  Yesterday’s logic that had people searching for control, security and short-term gains is changing. The new worldview is one of relationships, co-creations and the power of cooperation. Autonomy, meaning, self-development are the things people look for today.

The Future Organisation helps companies become future proof. Transcend the old way of working and embrace the new way of working, that is what they’re all about.

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The Future Resilience Logo

The Future Resilience

Burn-out or bore-out. Hopefully you haven’t had to deal with that yet. But you’ve heard of them, for sure.  It is estimated that 50% of Belgians fear to be  confronted with these phenomena. Despite the fact that there’s still a lot of taboos about these phenomena, it is more than ever a burning hot topic. Especially because more and more people are confronted with a burn or bore-out. For example, the number of employees in Belgium with a burn-out has increased by half in three years.

The Future Resilience  wants to help organisations and individuals develop a lasting resilience. They want to reach this goal by adopting an inside-out approach and an appreciative attitude. Using a systematic approach, The Future Resilience offers prevention, training, guidance and reintegration to counteract burn out and bore out.

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IESF or the International Executive Search Federation, is the world’s biggest executive search association. Boasting a network of 80 offices in 20 different countries, IESF members are able to help customers on an international scale. Under the motto “Think global, act local”, companies with international growth ambitions can count on the market knowledge and insights of local members affiliated with the IESF.

Through congresses, meetings and practice groups, the members know each other personally and have a strong insight into each other’s business and strategies.

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