The Future Alliance

Our story

The Future Alliance… Doesn’t ring a bell? That’s possible. The office was originally founded by (and under the name of) Fiers & De Mey. The company name changed, but the expertise acquired by the agency still remains. This is supported by the fact that the company has been active for 25 years .

The secret of our success? That would be the employees. Through the expertise of our seasoned partners and the enthousiasm and passion of our Consultants & Researchers, The Future Alliance finds a tailor made solution for every HR issue.

Teamwork is one of the core values where The Future Alliance leads the way, this is evidenced by the stability of our team. For 10 years Ingrid has been searching top candidates for clients. Dominique has been assessing employees day in day out, while Patrick has been convincing organisations to choose for The Future Alliance. A big dose of talent, character and a huge drive in combination with a positive approach towards clients and candidates is how The Future Alliance makes a difference.

Executive Search is the main activity of the company. Through this formula The Future Alliance has placed many strong employees for their clients. By using fixed metrics, the partners’ experience, open communication and trasnsparant processes, clients keep coming back to The Future Alliance.

The Future Alliance not only places employees at clients, but also charts their competences. Through our Assessment & Development Centres we look critically but objectively at the competences of your (potential) employee(s). We then give a comprehensive and unambiguous advice.

In addition, many companies have a number of issues they can not answer themselves. For example, conducting mergers, determining payroll systems or setting up coaching programs are very difficult and delicate subjects. That’s why we -and Patrick in Particular- offer HR & Organisation Consulting to companies in need of help.

The Future Alliance works both nationally and internationally. Through three strategically located offices in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels we help Belgian organizations. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with IESF , foreign companies can also rely on our services.

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If it involves your employees, it’s our business. We help companies with all  their HR questions (executive search, assessment, organisation development, coaching, outplacement, retention management,…) and we aspire to be a leading and operational partner for them. To achieve this goal we strongly believe in an inside-out approach. In all our activities we always try to look for what is already available and search for ways to improve current procedures. We believe in the power, drive and potential of people and organisations.


In a society that’s changing rapidly, companies face a large number of new challenges. Think of digitalisation, durability of people and the environment, new organisational structures, work-life balance coupled with the growing demand for autonomy, self-development, flexibilty and commitment.

With an inside-out approach The Future Alliance wants to prepare organisations for the future.


We want to be consistent & transparant in our conclusions & actions. We'll always do our best to be loyal to our company ideals.

We are dedicated to provide the highest quality for our customers, candidates and our society.

The Future Alliance - Teamwork

By working closely together with our colleagues and clients, we provide the best solutions to HR related questions. We improve continuously by sharing our knowledge & experience with each other..