Inge Vanacker - The Future Alliance
Inge Vanacker – Personal Assistant

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Brief summary

Inge, a jack of all trades for The Future Alliance. Personal assistant, bookkeeper, event manager, personnel manager, stock manager,… Now that we think about it. Is there anything she doesn’t do?

About 10 years ago Inge founded the office in Antwerp. And until this day she still works there. Each day again she does so with a big smile on her face. Inge is the go to person when you need to get things done. She knows no equal when it comes to administration and follow-up. An error in the billing? She’s on top of it. Suppliers running late? They can expect a phone call. Organising an event? Inge gets the job done.

But what is equally important is the way she treats her colleagues. As a trustworthy person, she’s the one we’d follow blindly. The combination of her compassion and pragmatic approach is what makes Inge a vital part in the success of The Future Alliance.

What colleagues say about Inge

  • Trustworthy
  • Problem solver
  • Caring
  • Committed
  • Responsible


On a professional level:
“Success is the sum of small efforts, day in day out.”

On a personal level:
“Collect and enjoy moments, not things.”