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Why an Assessment Centre?

The right man or woman for the right job. That’s the main goal employers and employees aspire. You know the impact a bad recruitment can have for your company. Assessment Centres offer a broad insight in your candidates’ profile. And if their profile fits your vacancy.   

What is an Assessment Centre?

Using an Assessment Centre we provide you an objective evaluation of your candidate. Together with you we discuss the competences your future employee should possess. Need a Sales Manager? Then you’re looking for a person with the ability to lead people. But assertiveness, negotiation, communication and analytical abilities are equally important. Does this person really meet your criteria? We take your doubts away or confirm your concerns.

Assessment Centres, how do they work?

Our asset is custom work. That’s where we excel. Before we begin an Assessment centre, we take our time to hear about your concerns and remarques. What is the function you need? Which (soft)skills are you looking for in a person. What are your main topics? What raises doubt about a candidate?

After an in-depth conversation, we establish a competency profile. We look at which tools and instruments are best used to provide you with an answer to all your specific questions. Last but not least we provide you with an overview containing the full planning of the assessment day.

In our Assessment Centres we use the instruments below:

  • Interviews with our business psychologists
  • Roleplays
  • Cases
  • Presentation exercises
  • Evidence-based psychometrical test
  • Focused questionnaires
  • Personality Tests
  • Group exercises

During the Assessment Centre two assessors are present (at least one business psychologist) to ensure an objective evalution. Once the Assessment is over, we process our findings into an extensive report. To make sure all communication is clear, we offer an oral explanation of the process for you and the candidate.

What is a Development Centre?

There may be some confusion about the difference between an Assessment Centre and a Development Centre. This is understandable considering there are a lot of similarities between the two. The focus is what differentiates both. Development Centres focus on the potential of your employee and how this potential can be developed. While Assessment Centres focus on the present. It’s a question of yes or no: does the candidate meet your expectations and demands. An Assessment Centre doesn’t focus on the development of particuliar skills.

Why Development Centres?

There’s a multitude of reasons why a Development Centre can be interesting for your company.
One of the main reasons is that humans urge to keep developing themselves throughout their lives. Everyone wants to continue learning new things. If your employees grow, the company grows with them. The absence of possibilities to develop oneself leads to unhappy employees. Investing in your employees’ talents strengthens your employer brand.

That young Accountmanager has proven his worth but you can’t see him fulfilling the role of Sales Manager. This could be a problem. He has indicated he wants to grow. This is where a Development Centre comes in. We explore the progress he’s made in the comptences you value most. And set out a personal development plan. Result? You have your future Sales Manager. Your Accountmanager stays motivated, feels you believe in him and your employees know you invest in their growth. Win-Win(-Win).

Development Centres, how do they work?

The procedure of a Development Centre is for the most part equal to the procedure of an Assesment Centre. First we listen to your concerns. What competences are important for your company? What role will your employee fulfill and which skills are necessary for this role ?

We make up a competence profile in consultation with you and assess which tools and instruments will be used for optimal results. Once the Development Centre is over you receive an extensive report. This time with a personal development plan. Within this report you’ll find specific tips, trainings and recommendations to make sure your candidate will reach his full potential.

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