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Why Executive Search?

The best employees usually already have a job. And if they don’t, it doesn’t take long before they do. Our Executive Search formula offers you a solution. Has your vacancy been open for centuries and there’s no natural inflow of applications ? Or the numbers of applications are so high you see no way out? With our Executive Search process we get you out of trouble.

We contact potential candidates and present them your vacancy. We discuss your company, your product, your assets and your ambitions to grow.

Executive Search does not solely focus on recruiting topmanagers. Talent can be found on each level. The proper functioning of your organisation isn’t guaranteed by your management only. It’s also about administration, logistics or your technical staff.  And there’s a limited supply.

Are you looking for a commercial Key Accountmanager with experience within your sector? Are you unable to fill that vacancy for Project Engineer? Or have you been trying for months to recruit that IT-profile? Our Executive Search is the solution to your problems!

What is Executive Search?

Strictly speaking Executive Search is the search for executives. But it goes way beyond that. We search the right executives. Your company has it’s own values, norms and culture. Not everyone will share your views. You provide us with the description of the person who will fit your company and vacancy. We find that person for you. How you may ask? By using a targeted search of the companies you desire. We invite interested candidates for an interview and send the best ones to you. You receive a detailed report of these people. This way you get a complete picture of your potential future employee.

Executive Search by specialists

We dare to call ourselves specialists in Executive Search without hesitation.

  • We have over 25 years of experience within our domain. We use our experience and expertise on a daily basis to help you.
  • We offer solutions for your sector. Our team consists of experienced Business Partners who are experts within their discipline. Ranging from Retail and FMCG to Construction, Supply Chain, Industry, Finance and IT.
  • We work both nationally and internationally. Through our offices in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels we cover the Belgian market. As an exclusive partner of the IESF (International Executive Search Federation) we are able to handle your international requests.
  • We deliver quality. For the 10th time in a row we’ve been awarded with the certified membership label by Federgon. This is our guarantee for a professional approach when it comes to guiding clients and candidates.
  • Custom work.
  • We are transparant. You will receive a progress report every week with the state of affairs.
  • Our statistics speak for themselves:
    • 98% of our assignments completed
    • 75% of assigned candidates still work for the same company 4 years later
    • 90% satisfaction : candidates and clients describe their experience with The Future Alliance as ‘’excellent ‘’ and ‘’ beyond their expectations.”

How do we work?

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