The Future Alliance

Executive Search

Why Executive Search?
The best employees usually already have a job. And if they don’t, it doesn’t take long before they do. Our Executive Search formula offers you a solution. Has your vacancy been open for centuries and there’s no natural inflow of applications ? Or the numbers of applications are so high you see no way out? With our Executive Search process we get you out of trouble.

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"We were looking for a top candidate for an open vacancy of ours. The Future Alliance quickly understood our needs and the candidates we met were a great fit with both vacancy and company."
Patricia De Laet, HR Project Manager


Why consulting?
You undoubtedly have a lot of expertise in your field. Still, you can’t be an expert in everything. We don’t pretend to be either. However, what we do best is HR and organisation consulting. Is your salary structure not on point? Need help guiding a merger or creating a change plan for your company? We are there for you.

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"The consultants of The Future Alliance have a lot of experience. They’ve filled key positions themselves, so they know very well how (large) organizations work. Because of their experience and methodology, they’re able to move quickly to achieve great results."
Dirk Verstichele, CEO Cipal Schaubroeck

Assessment Centre & Development

Why an Assessment Centre?
The right man or woman for the right job. That’s the main goal employers and employees aspire. You know the impact a bad recruitment can have for your company. Assessment Centres offer a broad insight in your candidates’ profile. And if their profile fits your vacancy.   

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"The wide variety of exercises and tests, their great organizational skills and the personal approach, made The Future Alliance our preferred HR Partner. They give us great insight in the candidate’s competences. This way we can make a substantiated decision."
Tom Jonkers, Coach Organisation & Talent - Argenta